Books …there is a need for a clear, universal value-system to guide mankind in personal life, in sociopolitical relations, economic relations and in the application of the power made available through science in the service of mankind.

Books in this series seek to create an academic environment in which value considerations can be brought into scientific discourse and application. They offer different perspectives regarding the dilemma of a “value-free” scientific approach while the world faces global level environmental and societal crises.

Biopoetics: Evolutionary Explorations in the Arts
edited by Brett Cooke and Frederick Turner



Centripetal Forces in the Sciences, Volumes I & II
edited by Gerard Radnitzky.

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Education and Values in Developing Nations
edited by John Oxenham


Fallout From the Population Explosion
edited by Claude A. Villee, Jr.


Genetic Knowledge: Human Values and Responsibility
edited by Jacquelyn Kegley


Global 2000 Revisited: Man’s Impact on Spaceship Earth
edited by Hugh W. Ellsaesser


Global Climate Change: Human and Natural Influences
edited by S. Fred Singer


Mind and Brain: The Many Faceted Problems (e-book available)
edited by Sir John Eccles

Modernization: The Humanist Response to Its Promise and Problems (New Edition)
edited by Richard L. Rubenstein


Organization and Change in Complex Systems
edited by Marcelo Alonso


Time For Healing
edited by Carl Becker


Universal Economics
edited by Gerard Radnitzky